System451 Records
What We Do

What We Do

Relieving a burdensome task.

Let us summarize the records to relieve you of this burden. You need to enjoy your free time, not do clerical work. Your staff will love you more if we do the review instead of them.

All reviews are sorted in chronological order for ease of review. Duplicate records are omitted. We then review each report and create a summary tailored to your preferences.

Our line by line review will minimize the pages and report the pertinent detail you need. We include essential information per your specialty such as focus on diagnostics, adding or excluding specific parts of certain types of reports. We have a helpful set-up checklist that helps us apply your protocols.

Our standard format is MS Word, 12pt. digital versions. A secure PDFa can also be provided. If required we can also adapt your format so it can fit within your report style.

Our standard Turn-Around-Time (TAT) is 24-48 hours. STATs can be as swift as ‘same day’ or within 24 hours.