System451 Records
The Process

The Process

The Process

Easy Steps

  • You send us records
  • We review records
  • We return a review

Receiving Records

Methods to receive your records.

Reviewing Records

Our summaries give you just what you need; essential information and data. We sort the reports by date, ascending or descending, and we remove duplicates. Our formats are modified to your style for you to merge into or append to your reports.

Returning Finished Reviews

We return a finished review in a few ways:

  1. Email to you
  2. Upload to your file system
  3. Upload to our file system


We use genuine humans with relevant skills and years of experience.


Bookmarking: A bookmark can link every review to its original report within the record batch, for easy cross reference.

Formats: we can send your review in other formats if requested.

Secure Storage: we can create a secure cloud storage folder/vault for your records, courtesy while a client.